Experience in the use of One Two Slim

History has told us Antonella de Valencia. The girl you told what problems you had with your husband, and as the drops of One Two Slim finally, helped by two alleviate more than 100 kg of excess weight in just six months.

Experience in the use of One Two Slim

"Excess weight is a ticking bomb, that with small steps leads you to the cemetery". These thoughts came to my head, when the needle of the scale long ago surpassed the 100 kg, and me leading the brigade of doctors in an attempt to cut a hypertensive crisis. Honestly, the fear was no longer, rather, indifference to oneself, thanks to which the slender youthful beauty of the self and has become fat channel.

When my condition stabilized, the doctors said that if I don't shed the weight, redial the attack may be the last of my life. The cardiologist explained how difficult it is for the heart to pump the blood of my body, but it is just it was rinsed in the interior of the fat and the mortality of the offspring with each blow. At this moment, I do have the urge to take in hands and to change your life. It seems to Me that it is an opportunity to the normal life, since the doctors could not save me, then this is simply not so.

My first good thinning and the return of the return of weight

In general, I decided to take the strict with the mono diet. The only product that I ate, was buckwheat. Enough from me as always for a short time – 10 days, after which I fell, it has been enough of different calories of the food, but I had decided that I'm not going to stop me, and I'm just gonna go ahead. The state was terrible: continuously head was spinning, I was dizzy, it was the weakness, for the night, got up to temperature, but I was sure that you have to follow, that this is not worth.

Friend, saw me through 3 weeks of my weight-loss, horrified. Pale girl with bruises under the eyes, that with work you can chew the buckwheat – maybe I was not in agreement. She suggested I go to the feed liquid, supposedly, is an excellent way to get rid of the excess pounds. Era of all, but only in liquid form. Juices, broth and even yogurts they were not giving me the feeling of satiety, so they simply stopped sleeping – acute feeling of hunger did not give the possibility to immerse oneself in the dream. Then I read on the internet on the grass of the diet and decided to try to follow their rules. Eliminating from the diet all animal products, I started to eat cereal and salads. It was a bit easier after treatment of drinking water, but the well-being left much to be desired. The tachycardia, the interior of the excitement, the insomnia and the migraines steel companions of my life.

A month and a half I managed to kick 12 kg, although I expected more. I read about that the low results are possible due to the slow pace of change of substances, and to accelerate you should exercise. With my dimensions and the state of health of sports I was contraindicated. But I started walking around the house. In one of these walks I met a man. Its shape also were far from ideal, and we decided to work together on the weight loss.

On the one hand, we support each other, and thinning was more easy, and with the other I started to disassemble to hidden. I could get up in the night and just empty the fridge. With 3 months of our participation of thinning we have obtained the results that have been satisfied. But even more joy has given us a unexpected news – I'm pregnant. The gynecologist immediately had warned me that the fat of the diet I are contraindicated, but to continue to reduce the weight that must be, otherwise they will simply not support the baby. I with her then-husband was to comply with all the recommendations of your doctor, except one, had to leave the job, as well as excess of work load physics were dangerous to the fetus. But the financial question did not allow me to leave in the decree. We have become a bunch of fights with the husband, because she wanted him to have found a second job or another way out of the situation. Has ended the fact that the experiences in order to ensure the future baby became the cause of a miscarriage.

The tantrums, fights, recriminations, lack of motivation, have led us to what we both began to take the stress and because the previous games with the power to collect more of initial weight. At some point we realized that the time has come to stop and take in the hands, return to the regimes of meaning, it is not because the result was already known.

As we have been able to put two people over 100 kg

Then we decided to go to the nutritionist, which gave us just eat and drink the drops of One Two Slim. I could not believe my weight so quickly falls in love, despite the fact that I don't feel hungry. My well being is excellent, the energy in full swing, the mood is excellent. The failure was not, because it was not acute feeling of hunger. In general, my husband and I we have been delighted to One Two Slimbecause the drops helped us easy to give up bad products, appetite control, drove off the metabolism and the energy that we are receiving, it is simply need a place where to spend, and we started to go to the gym. In this way, in only 6 months they both led their weight in the norm and in two yielded more than 100 kg, and at the same time, they have forged relationships. In addition, the doctor said that I can now have a healthy baby without risk to health.

By the way, thanks to lose weight, it is able to resolve the financial issue – the husband became a personal trainer and helps people with obesity to get rid of the extra kilos. To all of its customers it is recommended that the drops of One Two Slim. And I wrote this review with the hope that someone in the drug of the same will save the life, health and the family, as he has helped me.